How to Make Your Own NFTs & Make Money.

What exactly is an NFT in the first place? An NFT is an un-fungible token, and it’s a unique token and cannot be replaced. This is in contrast to something like Bitcoin, which is fungible, which means you can exchange one Bitcoin without issue.

NFTs are an integral part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum, as well as Bitcoin, is a cryptocurrency, and Ethereum’s blockchain can support NFTs.

It’s a digital asset that represents something tangible, such as music or art.

The process of creating the NFT.

To better understand the process involved in creating an NFT Your girl took the initiative to do some work and create one herself. You can find it here on Rarible in the meantime. To create my first NFT project, I took some old sketches that depicted The Powerpuff Girls as Westworld characters I made using Adobe Illustrator a few years in the past. Below, I’ve outlined the steps I took from my own experience.

1. Create Some NFT Art.

The first step to making the NFT is to find something that can be transformed to be an NFT. 

This could be an image, a meme songs, all of an album! When you’ve got your artwork and you’re on the way to making an NFT.

2. Create and Set Up an Ethereum Wallet.

The next step is to establish your own digital wallet to securely store your crypto. Since I’m still new to crypto, I went with the highly suggested Coinbase Wallet. 

It was incredibly simple to setup, and I simply downloaded it onto my phone and followed the steps. 

Here are some popular wallets worth considering: Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, AlphaWallet, and Rainbow.

3. Buy A Bit of Ethereum.

After you’ve created your account, you’ll need to buy Ethereum(ETH). 

This is crucial because charges are associated with establishing an NFT that I’ll discuss in the next steps. The cryptocurrency that you’ll use for NFTs. A NFT has only one person who owns it in addition, the ETH blockchain protects them. 

This means that nobody can alter the ownership record or copy/paste an entirely new NFT to be created.

4. Connect Your Wallet to the NFT Marketplace.

Now, you’ll have your wallet setup with ETH within it. You’re now prepared to link your bank account with the NFT marketplace. There are many marketplaces you can choose from. 

According to Google there are some of the most well-known: Rarible, OpenSea, SuperRare and Foundation.

  • As I said above I made use of Rarible to record my very first NFT. All I needed in order to link my wallet was visit the site and click on”Connect” or click the “Connect Wallet” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Then, select the wallet service you picked in 2.
  • At this point you will see a QR code be displayed in your display. Then, you be able to scan this QR code using your wallet application and confirm your QR code connection.

5. Mint Your Artwork.

The final step of listing your work for sale involves minting it. In the process of minting you’ll be asked to provide the price, description, name royalty, and any other information that is associated with your NFT. 

After you have created your account your wallet, it will request for your signature and to pay for the gas charges.

NFT Gas Fees.

Did you remember when I said back at step 3, that there were costs associated with the creation of an NFT? This is what the gas prices are. It’s a cost for gas for the energy required for processing your transaction.

 Consider it in like minting coins. The NFT is a token that is made. I suggest using NFT Gas Station NFT Gas Station to get an approximate idea of gasoline prices. 

Be prepared for a bit of price surprise! Tips: Make sure to check at various time of the day to get the best prices.


If you’ve followed the above steps and succeeded Congratulations! You’ve just made your very first NFT.

Feel proud of yourself. You now are aware of the steps to transform your work into an irreplaceable token.

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